5 Tips for Successful Office Fundraising


The Combined Charitable Campaign season is in full swing.  Successful fundraising involves money, but also some sweat equity. Contributing your time and talent could foster agency camaraderie.

Some donors prefer to give online unassumingly, while others use their gifts to inspire others.  You should try to make everyone feel comfortable. As an organizer you are representing a cause to help someone else.

Tip #1: Set a goal
Talk to previous organizers about similar past events.  Inquire about what worked well, what they would change.  Ask if they could serve in a supportive role.  Thank them for their time.  Chances are they know who to engage and how to do it.  Visit potential volunteers in person to discuss ideas. Form a committee to devise strategies to achieve the goal. Know your customers and make the appropriate adjustments.

Tip #2: Delegate, not dominate

Diversity within your agency is an asset to cause. Recruit teammates in different departments.  Each area is crucial to fulfilling your work on a day-to-day basis.  Use their strengths to bolster your efforts.  Email the details to ensure consistent communication. Promote the event in advance to prepare others and get other volunteers.

Tip #3: Make it personal

Review the resource guide to find an approved partnering organization to feature.  Reach out to the group and ask to use their photos or receive testimonies.  People relate to other people.  It’s also a direct way to show how the donations will be spent.

Tip #4: Engage leadership

Managers could offer suggestions about executing the plan.  They could help with the vision.  Ask if they would like to get involved, and if so, in what capacity. Members of their staff are likely to support their supervisors and the cause.

Tip #5: Show gratitude

Thank your colleagues for supporting the event.  Use the correspondence to promote other events.  The final communication should include the results, whether or not you made your goal. Write a handwritten note to the volunteers for their service.

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