TODAY!!! Webinar: Measurement Needs for Advanced Biofuels 1PM

Time: 1:00 PM (ET)
Free Registration Here

The USMS Office will hold a webinar TODAY as part of an ongoing effort to help ensure that measurement technologies keep pace with and support important technological innovations in the energy arena. Topics will include a brief overview of the USMS, results of the Biomass Sector Specific Assessment, and opportunities to participate in the measurement needs (MN) development.

Preliminary MNs for the biomass industry have been developed based on case studies, roadmaps, and other reports. We would like your input on the validity, relevance, and importance of these measurement needs and potential gaps. Data collection and participant feedback will continue after the webinar as part of an ongoing process.

We need your expert input!

The webinar can be attended from most computers, with an option to phone in on the conference call as well.

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