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Today’s super PAC and political law links

PAY THRESHOLDS UNDER EGA FOR 2012. With federal pay levels for this year set, OGE released this advisory.

CU DENIERS. Roll Call. “Just shy of two years after the Supreme Court’s Citizens United ruling, a Montana legal challenge has set the stage for the high court to revisit its landmark decision to deregulate corporate political spending.”

FATE OF SANTORUM SUPER PAC. Roll Call. “One of two super PACs that helped propel GOP White House hopeful Rick Santorum to second place in the Iowa caucuses is poised to close up shop, underscoring the unpredictable role such groups are playing in this election.”

SUPER PAC QUIRKS. The Post. “When presidential candidates drop out of the race, what happens to the million-dollar contributions sitting in their super PACs?”

RECYCLED ADS. The Hill. “A political action committee supporting Newt Gingrich sought to undercut GOP Sen. John McCain’s (Ariz.) endorsement of rival Mitt Romney Wednesday by posting an attack ad from the 2008 presidential campaign cycle in which the Arizona senator accuses Romney of flip-flopping.”

SUPER PAC REMORSE. Politico. “After weeks of withering attacks by a super PAC supporting his rival Mitt Romney, Gingrich won’t stop talking about the injustices of unchecked spending — specifically the $3 million spent attacking him.”

SINGLE CANDIDATE SUPER PACS AND THE LAW. Opinion here. “In a report issued today, Democracy 21 documented the serious questions that exist about the legality of the leading presidential candidate-specific Super PACs that are playing a major role in the 2012 presidential election.”

$1MM SINCE IA. Politico. “Rick Santorum has raised just over $1 million since his eight-vote loss in Iowa last night, his top strategist tells POLITICO.”

WHAT ABRAMOFF SAID. Story here. “Jack Abramoff offered some expert advice on ethics to Kentucky lawmakers, who are bound by state laws aimed at limiting the influence of lobbyists: Be wary of the corrupting power of money.”

CURRIE TRIAL PREPARATION. The Post. “Sen. Ulysses Currie (D-Prince George’s) has enlisted a retired judge from Maryland’s highest court to represent him in upcoming legislative ethics proceedings.”


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