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Top 10 Reasons to Give to the CFCNCA

It’s not Letterman…but in the spirit of The Late Show, here are the Top 10 Reasons to Give to the CFCNCA


It’s non-fattening! Give up one DONUT, chicken nugget meal, or even your quadruple-extra-tall mocha-frappe-latte per week (oh yes, I went there!), and donate the equivalent to a CFCNCA-supported charity of your choice. You’ll not only support a great cause, but you’ll spare thousands of calories and be a healthier you!


It’s environmentally friendly! CFCNCA offers online pledging. Pledge online to save a TREE (also, it does the math for you and fixes your bad handwriting Yay!) Yes, you can still do it the old-fashioned way too.


It’s easy! You don’t have to attend an all-day training seminar or even call the HELP DESK tech support to pledge via CFCNCA.


It’s a guilt-free alibi! You can actually say, “I gave at the OFFICE…” and mean it!


It’s YOUR campaign! You choose the organizations and causes you want to support. YOU choose how much to give. You choose how to give (cash, check or payroll deduction).


It’s safe! As far as we know, no one has ever gone into SHOCK while filling out a CFCNCA pledge form… But seriously, there are strict accounting guidelines to make sure your pledge gets to the charities of your choice.


It’s good Karma! (Heaven knows some of you need it to counteract the other kind of KARMA you are generating around the office.)


It’s cost-effective! A modest payroll contribution won’t be missed – it will ADD UP to a meaningful annual contribution.


It is tax deductible! Wow, don’t we ALL need a tax break these days?


“iCan” (and uCan) make a difference! We’re not Warren Buffet, Oprah, Bill Gates or even JUSTIN BIEBER, but when we pool our collective resources our contributions add up to make a significant difference.

There’s still time to give, make your pledge today!!!

Special thanks to Patricia Matthews and Kerri Childress for writing and passing this on this hilarious piece!

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