Want to get started with #local Gov 2.0? Let’s tell people how tonight on #localgovchat

Elections are over and new leaders are being introduced in local governments across the U.S. and certainly in the countries of many of our #localgovchat regulars. They are going to want to “hit the ground running” and will certainly be creating dramatic “The First 100 Days” lists.

In the just the past two weeks, I’ve had three or four different local government leaders approach me about how to start using social media for their agency. Sure it might make a splash. It shows the new administration will be open and transparent as they carry our their agenda, right? Plus it’s THE thing to do. So hot right now, right?

Without rehashing the thousands of beware of the shiny new toy meme, or that tools are not strategies, let’s fill tonight’s chat with real lessons learned. Let’s explain how we’ve failed and how we’ve been successful. Let’s talk about tweets or posts we wish would could take back but also how we handled and moved on. Let’s talk about dealing with trolls and also how to use these tools to promote our agency and provide excellent customer service. How have we moved people from our social media world into our real world?

My hope is the transcript for tonight’s chat can be used by some of the folks that are calling me and probably calling many of the #localgovchat regulars. Will you help? Join us tonight at 9 pm EST.

For more on how to participate, visit #LocalGovChat.

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