Top 11 Findings about US Military Facebook Pages (Part 3 of 3)


In today’s blog we take a brief look at the top 11 findings about the US Military’s use of Facebook. For those of you who missed it, please make sure to check out Part 1 which discussed the statistics and trends of US Military pages, Part 2 about the US Military’s use of Facebook tabs and applications, or our three part series on Facebook use by the US Department of Health and Human Services.

Top 11 Findings among US Military Facebook Pages

  • The Marines’ official page and the officer-operated Marines Facebook page were the two military pages with the most fans, both with over 2 million
  • 92% of military pages post on the weekend, compared to 24% of all government pages
  • Nearly 4% of fans are “Talking About” each military page, the highest rate among all government segments, twice as high as the average for Health & Human Services Facebook pages
  • Photos are the most popular content type among military pages
  • Social media tabs are used heavily by the military, and apps such as the Top Fans application will likely show up more on government pages in the future
  • Military pages used an average of 5.4 custom tabs
  • Military pages post more than twice as often as all other government pages, with an average of 3.9 posts per day
  • Military pages with the lowest fan counts did not only abstain from posting on the weekends but also post less frequently during the week
  • 57% of the 14 military pages used programs such as Hootsuite or Publisher to manage their pages
  • 71% of military fan pages allow fans to freely post content directly on their Facebook wall, as opposed to simply being able to respond to an existing post
  • Pages with rapid growth generated more stories and conversation while static, slow-growing Facebook pages often deterred conversation

Want the Full Report?

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Jessica Day

These results are so intriguing. Makes you wonder which of these insights are portable for other departments, agencies, etc.

Lindsey Tepe

I have been so impressed by our Military’s early adoption and use of social media. It definitely sets the bar high for other departments and agencies!