Top 5 GovLoop Groups to Join

Groups on GovLoop have become a great resource for govies to communicate with peers and find information on anything from open jobs or free trainings to successful Gov 2.0 technology uses.

Here’s a look at the top five groups I think GovLoopers should consider joining:

Government 2.0 Club

A gathering place for technologists and thinkers focused on applying social technologies in government, this group allows members to engage in conversations related to mobility, cloud computing and the latest applications for the government professional.

CTO Forum – Chief Technology Officers

The issues and challenges of today’s Chief Technology Officers are discussed within the forums of this group. Topics include the relationship between CTO and CIO, as well as annual planning tips for the CTO in the government sector.

Geeks in Government

Covering everything from technology to sci-fi, Geeks in Government share comments on the latest gadgets as well their picks in television and film.

Teleworkers and Telework Managers

Discussing telework in the government sector, members of this group share the challenges and solutions of teleworking, tips on managing teleworkers and devices that allow for maximum productivity.

AFCEA International

The Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association is a non-profit, membership association focused on advancing professional knowledge and relationships in the fields of communications, IT, intelligence and global security. Government professionals will find this group helpful for its forums on proposal writing.

Lastly, I recommend checking out our HP for Gov group that facilitates discussions through videos, forums, live chats and blog posts to illustrate how HP’s technology and services can help people and agencies address challenges. Connect with us to stay apprised of the most recent news in technology!

What are some of your favorite GovLoop groups?

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