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Top 5 Social Media Networking Places for Govies of 2011

LinkedIn Groups

LinkedIn, being renowned for being the professional social network, is a place not only to connect with others in your agency, but to reach out and connect across agencies for advice, sharing ideas, and more. One of the best ways to do this is to connect through groups of common interests, areas of expertise, etc. One of the most active groups for govies on LinkedIn is “U.S. Government Connections“. With 90+ discussions per week and 18,000+ members, there is always something new going on in that group. In case you aren’t a member yet,GovLoop’s LinkedIn page is also active, and hosts some additional discussions to the ones featured on GovLoop. Also, for more LinkedIn favorites, check out this forum on GovLoop.

Agency Facebook Pages

Government Facebook pages have taken off over the past year, with agencies building up their pages to share information and connect with the public. GovLoope has created a Social Media Leaderboard, in case you want to check out the best government pages. You can also connect to GovLoop on Facebook.


Like Facebook, more government agencies are looking to Twitter to give quick updates and links to the public. Additionally, you can search hashtags such as “#gov”, to see what others are saying about these topics. For a full list of government related hashtags, check out theGovLoop directory here. Twitter has also launched a “@gov” handle, whose bio states that it will provide “updates from the Twitter Government & Politics team, tracking creative & effective uses of Twitter for civic engagement.” If you are looking for help on how to improve your agency’s Twitter, check out the two Twitter guides that GovLoop published this month.


YouTube has been used by several government agencies for different goals. While the US Marine Corps’ channel “Our Marines” compiles their commercials, recruitment videos, and more, the USAJOBS channel is more aimed at troubleshooting their newly designed website, and highlighting different job opportunities available on the website. Want some YouTube tips and tricks? Check out this post on GovLoop.


No social networking list for govies would be complete without GovLoop! We not only host blogs and forums about issues currently affecting government and it’s employees, but also tools for our members to advance their careers with the GovLoop Mentors Program (returning in February), the Rock Your Resume! Workshop, and more. All in all, we work hard to connect federal, state, local, and inter nation govies to share ideas and best practices to improve government!

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