Top Intern Employers — Government Doesn’t Make the Top 10 for 2009

So where does Government start to show up in the 211 spot rankings?

At #16, top honors go to the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation…they’ll be bringing on 700 interns in 2009!

What I find interesting is that they say Green Jobs is the up-and-coming job area. This report seems to be following the trend. Of the 8 Government agencies mentioned, 5 were in energy or environmental. They are:

#26 is the USDA Forest Service, with 350 interns
#117 is Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, with 50 interns
#162 is the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation, with 15 interns
#207 is the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, with 5 interns
#211 is New Work State Department of Environmental Conservation, with 5 interns

Rank/Company/Projected Intern Hires
1 Walgreens 5,650
2 Southwestern 2,800
3 General Electric 2,400
4 Deloitte & Touche USA 2,300
5 PricewaterhouseCoopers 2,279
6 KPMG 2,000
7 Northwestern Mutual Financial Network 2,000
8 Lockheed Martin 1,932
9 Ernst & Young 1,869
10 Enterprise Rent-A-Car 1,800
11 Intel 1,600
12 Target 1,100
13 Microsoft 1,000
14 Sandia National Laboratories 900
15 Qualcomm 800


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Andrew Krzmarzick

This is important information, Tricia, and a key issue to highlight as interships are one of the critical ways that agencies could attracting and acquiring new talent – especially with a problematic hiring process! By the way, even if agencies are pulling in interns, it appears as if they don’t know what to do with them….see here. Let’s get this stuff fixed so we can bring in (more of) the best and brightest!


Agreed! I try to push managers in this direction – but so many people don’t want to take the time (much like mentoring), which is unfortunate—with a little time and effort, one can find their “investment” is a future great employee!! I’m happy to say I’ve made some progress this year as a matter of fact. We’ve got 4 interns starting here at ADEQ next week.

Now only if I could get the Mentoring program going…I’m trying to link this to turnover to get Senior Management attention! After all, you spend time and money training people, mentoring is one way to keep them on board!

Thanks for sharing the article.

Maureen Hetzel

Thanks for posting the information. With all the challenges facing government and the faltering economy, now is the time to snag the recently graduated and provide on-boarding programs that quickly integrate them into the work environment. We need all the cheerleaders we can get about the importance of regularly bringing in the new talent.

Ada (HangFong) O'Donnell

Hats off to intern programs which got me in working in the government now. I had been applying for government jobs for years without results.