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The Positives and Perils of the Unpaid Internship

As 2015 graduates enter the workforce this summer, let’s talk about a contentious topic: the unpaid internship. There are a myriad of opinions for and against unpaid internships, and there are compelling arguments for each position. While interns gain industry experience that could possibly result in fulltime employment, the unpaid aspect can seem exploitative. Indeed,Read… Read more »

GAO’s Internship Experience

As summer’s barbecues and beach days wind down, so do the experiences of a select group of graduate and undergraduate students in GAO’s Student Intern Program. We talked to some of them about their experiences. Student interns are hired to contribute to our teams and gain experience in the roles of analysts, program staff, orRead… Read more »

Internship Recruiting Advice — From the Interns Themselves

Governing Magazine featured a short article today citing a new survey by, an online internship matching service. The article has a slightly gloomy tone, lamenting that only 14% of college students surveyed want to intern in government, compared to 66% who want to work in for-profit businesses and 20% in non-profit organizations. I thinkRead… Read more »

Top 5 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Time in Washington, D.C.

It’s summertime in D.C. and the energy is great. New internships or fellows have started at exciting internships in Washington, D.C., while many of you who have recently graduated are embarking on your first jobs. Here at GovLoop, we’ve been fortunate enough to have a rotating cast of excellent interns and fellows, so we knowRead… Read more »

We Owe It to Our Interns (And Ourselves)

I still remember looking longingly at the Safeway “Help Wanted” ads offering $9/hour to bag groceries while I slogged away at yet another unpaid government internship. Like most other DC-based grad students, I regarded unpaid internships as a rite of passage. Yet the trade-off — a rich, rewarding internship experience — was not always partRead… Read more »

Interns Incoming

This is an excerpt from my regular morning post on BeltWiki Blog from Read the full post here. Intern Incoming Summer in Washington brings thousands of interns who make the District home for a few months. With them comes the requisite how-to-live-here (without annoying the living heck out of the natives) posts and articles.Read… Read more »

What Would We Do Without Interns?

I don’t know about you, but GovLoop really appreciates our interns. We try to give them meaningful (vs. menial) projects that enable them to learn something, expand their networks and advance their careers while they’re with us. We even call them Fellows vs. interns as it seems more distinguished…like the Presidential Management Fellows (PMF) program.Read… Read more »

Project of the Week: USAID Student Intern Programs – 4 January 2011

USAID (United States Agency for International Development) Most of us on GovLoop are a) employed and b) educated, but we all have children or know children who can benefit from the USAID’s Intern Program. Applications for “paid” programs preclude a security clearance – check with the USAID to determine if the window of opportunity isRead… Read more »

Top Intern Employers — Government Doesn’t Make the Top 10 for 2009

So where does Government start to show up in the 211 spot rankings? At #16, top honors go to the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation…they’ll be bringing on 700 interns in 2009! What I find interesting is that they say Green Jobs is the up-and-coming job area. This report seems to be following the trend. OfRead… Read more »