Top Ten Ways Feds Can Help With the Sequester

Top Ten Ways Feds Can Help With the Sequester

10. As building maintenance is curtailed, chip in and bring in some cleaning products from home

9. Bathroom duty

8. Sell snacks to the people waiting for hours at the new TSA security lines

7. Offer to be a plane spotter to help the short handed air traffic controllers

6. Find the nearest Navy Yard and start welding

5. Visit a National Park in your riding lawnmower and start cutting

4. Recruit professors, out of work from grant cuts, to educate kids home from closed daycare

3. Show up at the supermarket and offer to taste test the meat that isn’t being inspected

2. Find volunteers to perform breast exams as cancer screenings will precipitously drop

1. Offer to drive out of work DOD contractors to New Jersey since they can’t pay to fix the beaches

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