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Shutdown Ramifications (Part II): 3 Hidden Costs to Federal Workforce

Now that a semblance of normality has returned to Washington it’s time to ask an important question: What are the shutdown’s costs to the federal workforce? We know the tangible costs in terms of dollars. But what about the hidden costs which are more difficult to measure? In addition to lost economic productivity and America’sRead… Read more »

Shutdown Showdown: 5 Priorities to Restore Fairness for Feds

For years now, the beleaguered federal workforce has paid too high a price for the political ineptitude of Congress. Hard working and loyal public servants should never be used as political pawns in an ideological chess match. Feds are not sacrificial lambs that lawmakers can conveniently use to cover up their own conspicuous failure toRead… Read more »

Does “Budgeting at the Brink” Encourage or Discourage Transparency?

Earlier this week in Washington DC I attended a meeting cosponsored by George Mason University and the Bipartisan Policy Center. Speakers, current or former members of the executive or legislative branches, addressed historical and current events surrounding sequestration, government shutdowns, and management uncertainties in Federal agencies. The discussions were not pretty and present a grimRead… Read more »

Michael Huerta: 700 NextGen Ground Radio Stations to be Ready in 2014

Federal Aviation Administration chief Michael Huerta told an industry forum Wednesday the U.S. will have all 700 ground radio stations for the automatic dependent surveillance-broadcast system deployed and in operation next year, Aviation Today reports. Woodrow Bellamy writes the nation currently has more than 500 ADS-B ground radio stations in place as part of theRead… Read more »

Former Fed Chair Starts Foundation – Plus the DorobekINSIDER’s 7 Stories

On GovLoop Insights’ DorobekINSIDER: By now everyone has heard about the situation brewing over at the IRS. But the question now becomes how will this scandal affect future decision making? Insights from UMD Public Policy Dean Don Kettl. Up front: Paul Volcker, the former chairman of the Federal Reserve, is starting a foundation that willRead… Read more »

Why Congress Should Be Furloughed Too

Let’s face it folks, if anyone deserves to be furloughed these days it’s obviously the U.S. Congress. The so-called “People’s House” has become a house of shame – a “Do Nothing” Congress. Our august national legislative body has turned its back on the American people for partisan political purposes and personal political self-interest. Our brokenRead… Read more »

The Best Sequester “Grand Bargain”: National Historic Landmarks Photo Calendar 50% Off

With all the Federal Government bashing going on in the press and social media, it’s a good time to remember all the valuable things the Government does for its citizens. One of the best and most widely valued of these is caring for our national parks. Every year the National Park Service holds a photoRead… Read more »