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A much-maligned engine of innovation

Gee the public center has value …who’d a thunk! Review of Debunking Public vs Private Sector Myths By Mariana Mazzucato Book review in the Financial Times (free registration required…worth a look see) Sandy

Top Ten Ways Feds Can Help With the Sequester

Top Ten Ways Feds Can Help With the Sequester 10. As building maintenance is curtailed, chip in and bring in some cleaning products from home 9. Bathroom duty 8. Sell snacks to the people waiting for hours at the new TSA security lines 7. Offer to be a plane spotter to help the short handedRead… Read more »

I work for the government and I am NOT the enemy

It seems that the country is becoming more and more polarized. Right wingers have become far-right-wingers, and left wingers are moving far-left, all are becoming wing-nuts. I’ve been a federal employee for (gulp) 25 years and it’s rarely been something to be “proud” of to non federal people, i.e. the general public. Perception of federalRead… Read more »

Government as Innovator

Take a look at a just published NYTimes letter from an old friend (reprinted for your convenience here) Re “Can Government Till the Fields of Innovation?” (Unboxed, June 21), which examined national efforts around the world to turn ideas into products and services: The United States government, far from just “wading into” innovation today,Read… Read more »