touting the benefits of govloop to my colleagues

i really find Govloop to be helpful and want to know how you use it most effectively in your day?

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I obviously have a unique way of using it. But I use the blogs as a way to learn from others. Use member of week/project of week to get some best practice examples. And use the groups and individual profiles to build a network of really smart gov’t innovators that I use to bounce questions off of.

Cindy Lou Baker

Hi Melissa. I work with a small group of people who mostly decided we wanted to find others in the same positions we’re in. We want to be able to chat about best practices, frustrations, and ways to make things better. Right now we’re small but we hope to bring other centers in eventually.

Joshua joseph

I’m definitely getting to know more cool people through GovLoop. It’s also been a great way to start using and really understanding the value of social networking tools. For example, I regularly learn new things from posts I see on GovLoop’s Web 2.0 group and Twitter group.

Tom Vannoy

I use it to benchmark what others are doing, how they are doing it and why, and occasionally to ask for advice from those who post and seem to be working on similar issues.

Floyd A. Thompson, III (Tom)

I am a newbie–just 40 minutes young into this–I plan to use Communiyt of Practice Wiki and Blogs to advacne thinking on community engagement for sustainable recreation & tourism on public lands. I too find this very interesting.

Diana Louise Morgan

Hi Melissa, I find using GovLoop assists me in learning both in a professional and personal level. I also find it to be opportunistic in both internal/external sharing of information with individuals and collaborating and expanding our knowledge for the good of ourselves as well as others.

Nathan Hogue

Govloop helps me to cook up ideas. This organization might not be ready for web 2.0 goodness, but I can certainly plant seeds and hope for the best.

Kevin Lanahan

The best use I’ve found is to connect with people who are doing similar work, have similar issues, and are seeking solutions. Taking a peek at their projects inspires and educates.

John Peppard

Staying connected is critical. You are valuable to your agency if you have ideas, energy and execution. GovLoop allows this through collaboration, community and contribution.