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HOW SHOULD POLITICIANS USE TWITTER? That’s the topic of this e.politics collaborative effort between Sandi Fox and Sean Hurley. (I follow back almost everyone who follows me on Twitter.) In other Twitter news, a tweet sparked a controversy involving a lobbyist and lawmakers in Missouri and you can read more about that here. And in even more Twitter news, the Federal Election Commission’s Twitter account has about 200 followers after about a week. Charlie Sheen‘s been on for a few days and he’s got about 1.2 million…

WHO’S REPORTEDLY MISSING REPORTING DEADLINES? Roll Call’s Alex Knott has been spending more time going through FEC reports and his latest story is here. “Rep. Al Green raised more than $1.7 million to fund three election bids from 2004 to 2008, but his campaign neglected for more than a year and a half to report its transactions to the Federal Election Commission.”

HERSETH SANDLIN TO K STREET. Roll Call reports. “Herseth Sandlin, a lawyer licensed to practice in her home state, is prohibited from lobbying Members or staff in the House or Senate for one year, but she may provide strategic advice to clients.” The Hill also covers this development here.

THE FEC TODAY. What’s happening at the public meeting of the Federal Election Commission today? The agenda is here.

CHARITY IN LOUISIANA. A foundation set up by Gov. Jindal’s wife is in the news. The Times reports: “It is among the newest of charities set up by elected officials, including members of Congress, or their families that are mutually beneficial: companies seeking to influence politicians or curry favor can donate unrestricted amounts of money, while the officials benefit from the good will associated with charitable work financed by businesses.”

FOX NEWS MOVES. The Times (Gingrich and Santorum appearances suspended).

CHANGE FOR OREGON. Is campaign finance reform coming to Oregon? Article here.


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