Twitterati – Who are your most influential followers and why?

Building on the recent list of Top 10 (more like Top 100) Gov’t Twitters to follow:


Who is your most influential follower and why? Who retweets your tweets most often? Which follower has the most followers? ETC.

How do we measure success on Twitter in general? Broad outreach, targeted marketing, impact, etc.?

Here’s my newest follower:

Hi, Megan Eskey.

Maria Shriver (mariashriver) is now following your tweets on Twitter.

A little information about Maria Shriver:

235 tweets
following 207180 people

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Adriel Hampton

There are some non-govies who are real go-tos for spreading the word through Twitter, and, if you take the time to interact with them from time to time, are happy to help when you ask for a rare and important RT. Some of the top on my list are @Kim, @MayhemStudios, @itsonlywords, @Zaibatsu and @ChrisBrogan