Twittering of Historical Events…Totally Brilliant!

Check out http://twitter.com/cdarwin
where you can follow the tweets of Charles Darwin on the Beagle.

So what other historical events might be educational/amusing using this methodology?

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Sandy Ressler

Awesome…also reminds me of the reliving of Sept 11 that CNN did a couple of time I think …where they rebroadcast in real time what happened on Sept 11…not that we need to relive it…but it’s a cool idea.

Allen Sheaprd

Hmm, Reminds me of Walter Kronkite “You are there” or even Steve Allen’s “Meeting of Minds.”

To take the same journey. HHS has diaries from the Great Pandemic of 1918. If we think we have it rough, look at what others lived through with far less.

Today, like Darwin’s time, is still the age of Discovery.