Information Sharing in Government vs. Open-Source; Web 2.0, NIEM and Outer Space

I had the privilege of spending many hours over the past several days immersed in expert discussion about Information Sharing, from several different perspectives.

In the “open source” Web 2.0 community (at last week’s Potomac Techwire Internet Outlook 2009 event), the consensus seems to be that there’s a short period of “wait and see” ahead of us, to find out which online information-sharing social media capabilities will become the next big thing…Twitter’s very much wait and see, Facebook has excellent fundamentals and a strong core framework, and 20-somethings on Myspace are increasingly “icked out” by the quickly growing population of 40-somethings. Everyone in the room raised their hands when asked if they were on LinkedIn. Regardless of the platform and tool, one thing was certain; online information-sharing and user-defined data aggregation (i.e. mashups) is in full-blown growth mode, and privacy is dead. That’s right, according to a panelist, no one these days “should have any expectation at all of online data privacy, and should behave accordingly”.

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John Dumbrille

Agreed, but I dont agree that Twitter is wait and see. IMO Twitter is already proven to be very successful for self organized groups around governance. Alot on twitter now, distributing data constellated around the UsNow screenings, for instance.

Ted McLaughlan

I believe the comment was wait and see with respect to how much Twitter can generate and grow in terms of actual revenues and profit.