U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’ Project Manager of the Year

Is an inspiration.

In 1975, Viet Nguyen was a young Vietnamese refugee.

Now he is the USACE Project Manager of the Year for 2012.

As reported by Jasmine Chopra-Delgadillo, it’s an amazing American story. Please read Jasmine’s excellent write-up.

Right now, Viet is serving in Afghanistan managing several major construction projects.

One of several projects cited include his work on the DoD Medical Education Training Campus at Fort Sam Houston in San Antonio, Texas.

Especially on Veteran’s Day, I want to thank Viet Nguyen and all those who have served or are currently serving their country.

I also want to celebrate the role Project and Program Managers play in public service. The nature of the role is leading teams to create something new, something which adds value to the world.

Students train to become medical professionals in all branches of the armed forces at one of the results of hard work by Viet Nguyen and his teams.

Who is someone you look up to for their work in Project or Program Management in public service?

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Josh Nankivel

I look up to Glen Alleman at Niwot Ridge for his work pushing the state of project and program management forward in the public sector. My conversations over the years with Glen have been invaluable, and I’ve learned a great deal from his publications as well.

Josh Nankivel

Another who I look up to but haven’t had the pleasure of meeting yet: Richard Cook. He’s been involved with Mars Pathfinder, Spirit and Opportunity, Surveyor, and currently Mars Curiosity. If nothing else, I love interplanetary exploration and Richard has helped lead some awesome programs.

Mihail Sadeanu

Jasmine’s paper is fantastic, it might be a wonderful movie scenario !

Congratulations to a such powerful and devoted person who is Viet Nguyen.