Upcoming Event! Oct 22nd Bootable / Live Media Technical Exchange Meeting (TEM)

Bootable / Live Media Technical Exchange Meeting (TEM)
Sponsored by the DISA CTO, Mr. Dave Mihelcic

October 22, 2009
MITRE, Building 1 Auditorium
McLean, Virginia

Many DoD and Intel agencies are looking for ways to reduce the expense of removing attackers from their computer operating systems. In addition they are looking to operating systems that can be configured to reduce the attack surface dramatically to prevent compromises in the first place. Bootable / Live Media can provide a reduced attack surface OS that is non-persistent, trusted for home use and read-only. This TEM will address the following:

* Types of bootable/live media of interest to government organizations
* Processes needed to approve and operate
* Identify or create methods for sharing work and information
* Formation of a working group to help drive the direction of solutions
* Discuss the possibly of working a common base to reduce cost

We are seeking presenters to brief the status of Bootable media work, and Bootable media needs for other DoD and IC organizations. If you would like to nominate a presenter, have an idea for a presentation, or know of a sponsor who ought to be making a presentation, please contact using the url below:


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