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GovTwit Week in Review 8/23 – 8/29

Busy weekend, so consider this the “day-late but hopefully not dollar short” edition of the week in review…


Great commentary posted on the “Web 2.0 Revolution” by GSA CIO Casey Coleman over at Federal Times last week where she draws parallels between Revolutionary War pamphleteer Thomas Paine’s “Common Sense” writings and the rise of citizen engagement through social media.


I had the good fortune to attend the first day of the Potomac Forum’s two-day symposium on Gov 2.0 Leadership, Collaboration, and Public Engagement Symposium, where presenters from across government talked about how they were using web 2.0 tools and strategies to help innovate, collaborate and drive mission success in their agencies.

There were speakers from the Coast Guard, National Defense University, the Navy, FEMA, NASA, OMB, EPA, TSA, USAID and many more. A standout for me was a presentation from the State Department’s Molly Moran as she discussed Diplopedia and other online communities rolled out by the departments new media team. A lot of good information I hadn’t heard of before and great examples of how the tools, but more importantly the strategy behind the tools, can help drive success.

There was liveblogging of the event over at GovLoop (courtesy of Robin Paoli), and livetweeting using the #pfgov hashtag (captured/saved at both Twapper Keeper via Steve Sanford and TweetDoc). Thanks to Ken Fischer and all of the Potomac Forum team for such a great event.


GovTwit kicked off a Twitter contest in conjunction with GovLoop to give away passes to the Gov 2.0 Expo & Summit. Contest ends this Friday, Sept. 4, so if you haven’t yet entered, get on with it! If you don’t want to tinker with the contest, how about 30% off Gov 2.0 Expo Showcase? Use GovTwit’s code gxp09bd5 to register.


While the National Geospatial Intelligence Agency’s Chris Rasmussen spoke about Intellipublia and the future of collaborative intel gathering over at the Potomac Forum event, the Washington Post had a nice write-up on Intellipedia: For Intelligence Officers, a Wiki Way to Connect Dots. A good read and if you haven’t seen Chris’ YouTube video on Living Intelligence, certainly worth a watch.


The Wall Street Journal’s Digits blog posted a story titled “Federal Government Mulls Web 2.0” discussing the growing Gov 2.0 movement from a broad sweep. Not a lot of new info in the article, but interesting if for no other reason than we’re seeing more mainstream organizations starting to take note of the move toward more open and collaborative government via the use of social technology tools.


From FCW: “The Internal Revenue Service launched a YouTube video site and an iTunes podcast site filled with content designed to provide taxpayers with information about tax provisions in the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.” Also covered by the Wall Street Journal.

Despite a snarky tweet from Fox Businesses personality Shibani Joshi (below), it’s good to see the IRS looking at video and other tools to better inform citizens about complex issues like ARRA.

twitter IRS


Interesting Additions to GovTwit Directory Tweeted This Week:

Added @129RQW (CA Air Natl Guard) to directory

New NASA to follow: added @StationCDRKelly & @ShuttleCDRKelly to directory

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Cool stuff. I find the mainstream coverage of Gov 2.0 pretty cool even if it is old news to many of us. Glad the IRS is moving forward.