Update on Research on www.plainlanguage.gov

Thanks to all of you who provided support for our research for www.plainlanguage.gov.

We are trying to understand as closely as possible what Government thinkers need to know (about plain language and clear writing legislation.

Here’s the background/reason for our research

n 2006, my students reshaped the site www.plainlanguage.gov. Our purpose at that time was to introduce “plain language” to the Federal audience. The tool became central in the work to make Government content more understandable. During the next several years, federal writers applied the tips on the site and built documents that helped people get their jobs done.

In 2010 the U.S. Congress passed the “Clear Writing in Government Act” and President Obama signed it into law. With the new legislation, came new requirements. Agencies had new responsibilities.

The volunteers who supported the website tried to fit new guidance into the architecture. But it didn’t fit.

Where we are in our project.

Now we are directing our research to you (Federal workers who care about language and good customer experience).

SOur research becomes more valuable when we hear from several more of you:

Does this fit you or your job description?

  • You work (and write) for a Federal agency and you want to know how plain writing legislation affects your job?
  • You are assigned the job of “liaison” to comply with new plain writing legislation.
  • You are a manager and you want to know if your writing is in compliance with new plain writing legislation.

Go here… Answer two questions… and link into our research tool.


Thanks for supporting plain language research.


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