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New contest: can you describe a new start-up (or organization) without using ANY of these words?

I originally wrote this blog post because I have noticed, as the federal government has gotten more “startuppy,” the language in the articles covering Startup Gov enterprises has started to get more buzzwordtistic, more tech startup delirious. To the detriment of sense. We can stop this, people. We can, and we should, because at aRead… Read more »

Web Manager University Gets New Name. Same Great Training

Web Manager University, the federal government’s training program for web, new media, and citizen engagement managed by GSA, has changed its name to DigitalGov University (DGU). We changed our name to reflect the growing demand to help agencies serve customers through digital media and citizen engagement. Our broad curriculum includes training in social media, citizenRead… Read more »

Clearmark/Wondermark Plain Language Awards Are Important to Customer Service

I’ve said this hundreds of times: if we don’t communicate effectively, we don’t serve effectively. It’s as simple – and as difficult- as that. If customers can’t understand what you have to offer, can’t understand where to find it or what they’re supposed to do with it, then they can’t use your services. And you’veRead… Read more »

Join Web Manager University for two free plain language training events:

11/29 – Plain Language Basics12/9 – Plain Language Writing for the Web Plain Language Basics This seminar will provide an update on plain writing principles and the law. If you write content for external customers and the general public—press releases, emails, articles, newsletters, etc.—this seminar is for you. You will: Gain a better understanding ofRead… Read more »

The Government Man and the Plain Language Act

With all of the hoopla about the Plain Language Act, the Government Man thought this would be a perfect opportunity to spread some wisdom and of course hype his own creation. In my book, Confessions of a Government Man, I devote an entire chapter to “Language of Government.” Maybe our lawmakers read it prior toRead… Read more »

Update on Research on

Thanks to all of you who provided support for our research for We are trying to understand as closely as possible what Government thinkers need to know (about plain language and clear writing legislation. Here’s the background/reason for our research n 2006, my students reshaped the site Our purpose at that time wasRead… Read more »

TSA Supervisor to Staffer: Speak English

Last month, President Obama signed into law a bill that tells Uncle Sam to speak and write plainly. The bill echoed Obama’s executive order in May instructing agencies to write job announcements in clear language. Unfortunately, one smart-ass TSAer at BWI airport didn’t get the memos. Happily, her supervisor did. The New York Times reports:Read… Read more »

Writing for the Web? Learn to Write in Plain Language in this 2 day Workshop!

For citizens, a visit to your website might be the only interaction they ever have with your agency. A bad experience on even one government website is a poor reflection on all of us. Is your website showing your agency, and the government, at its best? Writing content in plain language is the most importantRead… Read more »