UPDATED: Facebook vs. Google+ a Quick Government Test

As most of you are aware, a great deal of social media is currently blocked by Federal, State, and Local governments for access by anyone on the applicable enterprise. As I have finally obtained a Google+ invite, I will be checking tomorrow to see if it has found its way onto the firewall rules at my agency.

My primary question for consideration by all of my fellow GovLoopers is this: Is Google+ still available at your agency/organization? Is Facebook?

I’m curious how long it will take for yet another collaboration tool to be stripped from the hands of the day-to-day government employee. Or if some will remain? Return?

..and discuss..

UPDATED: More importantly, can GSA users access it as part of their Google Apps recent transition. Does anyone know if GSA has discussed this option with Google and/or are their any intentions to integrate its use now that they are on board and using Google Apps for government?

UPDATED AGAIN: DHS has it blocked via the firewall as category “social media”..Guess I’m not surprised.

UPDATED YET AGAIN: As Google Profile now points to your Google+ profile, you can no longer access your Google Profile on systems that have firewalled social media as part of their larger “net of exclusion.”

Survey, as promised: Social Media at Work (Government Edition)

Follow-on Blog: For Your Consideration: Facebook More “Private” Than Google+? A Closer Look Down the Rabbit Hole..

On an important side not, someone DID get GovLoop unblocked here at DHS.. WINNING!

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Will be interesting…although I know a bunch of people who either have gmail blocked at work or gmail working but gchat blocked.

Chris Poirier

Exactly my point, I currently have access to gmail and other google services, but have the gchat ports blocked. I am curious to hear other govies experiences are and if we see any changes in the near future.

I see a lot of benefits to the tool, especially with the circles, hangout, and high level of access controls. But will our security officers 🙂

Chris Poirier

It has come to my attention that..well..surveymonkey may be blocked at some agencies..so might as well collect that input here in the comments as well! (Duh..sorry!)