USAF social media Incident Response chart

I spent Thursday and Friday at Free State Social, a social media conference sponsored by the World Company in Lawrence, Kansas. I was the only government participant. I learned a number of interesting things, but the EUREKA! moment for me as a government practitioner was provided by Jeremiah Owyang, whose presentation included this social-media response chart, created by the United States Air Force Public Affairs Office Emerging Technology Division. (Owyang’s original blog post.)

One of my personal OMG moments on GovLoop came early last year, when a Canadian agency staffer posted the question, “What should I do when 1,500 people organize online against my agency?” I can’t find the original post, for which I apologize, but the guts of that question have echoed for me ever since. Well, here’s the answer:

Many many thanks to USAF for creating this chart, and to Jeremiah for posting it. I started reading Jeremiah when we were staging for K-TOC, and if you’re considering deploying social media, I hope this chart demonstrates that you need to be reading him, too. His blog contains hundreds of tips, tools and techniques just like this.

I learned a lot at Free State Social, and I’ll share it all as we go along, but this chart is such a drop-dead-perfect tool that I wanted to post it right away.

John Moore was gracious enough to devote a blog post to our social media efforts at KDOT. Thanks, John.


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