VERY COOL! 13 maps of the Ground Zero Mosque location

“Two blocks away”

“600 feet away”

“Near Ground Zero”

“A stone’s throw away”

“Not at Ground Zero”

“Right there”

There are many ways to describe in words the location of the controversial
“Ground Zero Mosque” — all colored, of course, by your personal take
on the project. While the above phrases are technically accurate, or at
least “truthy” in a Stephen Colbert way, both individually and
collectively they fail to convey a real sense of where the Park 51
center would be situated.

As the debate over the “right” and “wisdom” of building an Islamic cultural center and prayer space in
lower Manhattan rages on (and to be clear, there should be no debate
whatsoever about anyone’s “right” to do so), I wanted to see whether
mapping the site would resolve any of the big issues about which
reasonable people seem to be disagreeing. So for a more eyes-on
approach, I dug around the web and plotted the location on a few freely
available mapping services.

#12 Ground Zero on Sept. 12, 2001


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