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VERY COOL! 13 maps of the Ground Zero Mosque location

“Two blocks away” “600 feet away” “Near Ground Zero” “A stone’s throw away” “Not at Ground Zero” “Right there” There are many ways to describe in words the location of the controversial “Ground Zero Mosque” — all colored, of course, by your personal take on the project. While the above phrases are technically accurate, orRead… Read more » Makes Public Data More Accessible Through Web Services

You may have heard the terms web service, API, mashup, and dataset. There has been a lot of talk about these because of the recent Open Government Directive (OGD) that the Office of Management and Budget released in December. The directive was in response to President Obama’s call for transparency and open government when heRead… Read more »

Getting it all to the Table

Most decision makers I’ve met in the Department of Defense appreciate having someone hand them good insight or solid context that pertains to a decision that they need to make – provided the insight or context comes in a timely manner. Getting information to a decision maker after the decision has been made can actuallyRead… Read more »

Mashups, SOA and Cloud Computing

It’s almost impossible to be around technology people for very long before one of them uses the words “Mashup,” “SOA” or “Cloud Computing.” When this happens to me, I usually smile and spend at least some of the time wondering why the audio portion of my brain disconnected again. Maybe it’s distracted by my visualRead… Read more »

Integrating an online community engagement strategy

Republished from eGov AU. When I wrote my first online community engagement strategy for Telstra’s Wireplay service in 1997, one of the factors I considered was how to ‘complete the loop’ – integrate inbound and outbound online channels to reach, engage and promote interaction across the widest possible audience. In those days we used massRead… Read more »

The benefits of crowdsourcing – US$1,000,000 prize from Netflix

Republished from eGov AU. (I would appreciate if you could Vote for me in ‘The 10 who are changing the World of Internet and Politics’) I highlighted the online Netflix prize quite some time ago as an example of how an organisation could work with its community to drive innovation. Netflix has a longstanding prizeRead… Read more »

Information held by the Government is a national resource

Republished from eGovAU. Information held by the Government is a national resource and should be managed in the public interest. Access to government information increases public participation, and leads to increased scrutiny, discussion, comment and review of government activity. It would be great to hear an Australian government make a statement like the above, acknowledgingRead… Read more »

The power of raw government data

Republished from eGovAU. In the US President Obama’s newly appointed (and first) Federal Government CIO Vivek Kundra has committed to finding new ways to make government data open and accessible. The Computer World article, First federal CIO wants to ‘democratize’ U.S. government data, discusses how, In a conference call with reporters, Kundra said he plansRead… Read more »