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U.S. Army Tops List of Most Engaging Agency Twitter Feeds

Twitter is a popular way for federal agencies to share updates on their organization and to converse with inquiring citizens. Yet a healthy Twitter presence is about more than just an impressive band of followers. Various other factors impact how effective a given Twitter feed may be, including replies, mentions, and outgoing tweets. One ofRead… Read more »

Social media monitoring is critical for government operations

As Congress goes about grilling Homeland Security over the department’s monitoring of social media—as it did in a hearing last week—a more fulsome understanding of the benefits of social media monitoring and analysis is needed. The value of social media monitoring extends far beyond the important but niche domain of monitoring terrorist chatter online. RatherRead… Read more »

7 Things Every Government Agency Can Do To Improve Customer Service

When President Obama issued an executive order in April this year compelling federal agencies to improve customer service, the future seemed a long way off. But as the first leaves begin to change color here in Washington, a deadline for action looms. By October 24, agencies are ordered to publish a plan for how theyRead… Read more »

Can the Gaming Industry Save Foreign Aid From Looming Budget Cuts?

In the latest 2011 budget agreement, President Obama agreed to cut over $8 billion in foreign aid and assistance from the State Department and foreign operations budget. The money would have provided assistance in alleviating hunger, improving health and nutrition, and enhancing economic development in the poorest countries around the world. These measures have longRead… Read more »

Lessons for Every Gov Communicator in Obama’s State of the Union

By Ev Chasen Jan 26 2011, 12:01 AM The State of the Union address is a speech like no other. Every word is scrutinized for hidden meanings; every gesture and inflection analyzed for authenticity; every fact checked for accuracy by hundreds of reporters hoping to score “gotcha” points. Getting a proposal or a project discussedRead… Read more »

New Study Demonstrates Social Media’s Predictive Power for Gov’t

OhMyGov Inc. just announced the release of a new study which shows that Congressional Republicans are gaining public support on social media at significantly higher rates than their Democratic counterparts. The study, which ran from May through August this year, examined the percent rate by which members of Congress were acquiring new Facebook fans inRead… Read more »

VERY COOL! 13 maps of the Ground Zero Mosque location

“Two blocks away” “600 feet away” “Near Ground Zero” “A stone’s throw away” “Not at Ground Zero” “Right there” There are many ways to describe in words the location of the controversial “Ground Zero Mosque” — all colored, of course, by your personal take on the project. While the above phrases are technically accurate, orRead… Read more »

Social Media Myths: 5 Roadblocks to Discovery

In recent years, social media has emerged as the hottest Internet phenomenon ever created. Yet, despite its prominence as the number one online activity, the promise that social media holds for governments, businesses, educators, and politicians has yet to be fully realized. This is due in large part to (1) a variety of incorrect mythsRead… Read more »