Veteran Benefits 2010

I just found out from a VA rep there is NO INCREASE in VA disability/compensation for this year.

How does this happen? Prices going up on everything, we are asked to do more with less, and then the government, we support, FAILS to support the Vets. How can we help stimulate the economy without the funds to meet some of our basic needs? Some of our war veterans are unfairly being turned down for benefits, or their families are having to fight to ensure they receive the care and services they need and deserve.

What are your thoughts?

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Juan Jackson

I believe both disabled vets and military retirees should have gotten a raise in 2010, but sadly neither is getting a cost-of-living raise. At the same time, federal employees are not getting the same raise as the military….which is only the 3rd time in 30 years this happened.

While at the same time, we are giving GMAC another $3B. Sad.


Hey, I am a disable war veteran and I volenteered for Obama’s campaign in Oct of 2008.
I drove my family of 4 to NC for an entire week just to help flip that state. We worked every night until well after mid night doing data entry. Results, Our cost of living is down and quality of life has increased.. Gas is down from $4.50 a gallon. I would like to see it back at $1.50 a gallon. My car insurance and Home insurance is down by over $50 dollar a month. My mortage is down by hundreds of dollars. I refinance at under 5%. I have new heat too which cost me very little after 1500 cash back on taxes. We doing just fine without another handout from Uncle Sam. Obama is doing a great job.

R J Parry

Never said Obama was doing a bad job. I am saying the leadership is failing to support those of use who served in the military. WHy can we give millions to other countries, bailout banks and car companies and then turn around and tell the vets they are not going to see an increase in their disability compensation?


I understand,

We give millions to other counties because we don’t want to have thier problems in the USA like President Emergency Plan for Aids Relief. We bailout banks to prevent the government from going anti-deficient while gaining leverage and access to foreign tyes of bank accounts. Example, AIG who at least use to own the the Swiss bank. Now, the IRS has acess to all accounts which is taxable. We bailout the car compainies because we don’t want to be defending out country using foreign produced and supplied vechiles like mitubishi who build the Japense air plane engines in WWII. Plus, it was politically correct to not give them a little bit of the pie in exchange for government onwership of the car company.

The vets are doing fine because overall compared the rest we have a stable income for a never ended period of time even after death our spouce or kids will hopefully receive benifits.

See, it isvets who understand citizenship the best. We see all this money and power games being play with our tax dollars which is completely outside our control. The vets are requesting the government to save some money and extinguish the debt but if they don’t I think my dollar today can buy more gas with the same dollar. Milk was 3.99 or 4.18 a gallon last dec. This year milk was 3.79 a gallon. The only thing more expensive is Bread and Gold. The rest is cheaper. I don’t see much inflation.

R J Parry

It all depends where you live and the standard of living to which you are accustom. My taxes are still at the 2006 rate, which accessed my house for thousands more than todays value. I know my insurance rates have increased (auto, medical and house). Many vets do not have a retirement benefit for doing XX years in the military. Some were medically discharged and NOT medically retired, which is a huge difference in monthly income. Some vets have young families.

I understand why we have bailed out various companies but when the cost of living increases we need to take care of those who made sacrifices for this nation. As you eluded, todays dollar does not buy the same thing as the dollar of five years ago.


I concur that we need to take care of those who made sacrifices for this nation. Side note, let the pronoun US to symbolize you, me, and any other vet. This can make this debate less personable. Personally, you are my friend and I like reading you writtings.

Us related to auto insurance. Many Marylanders commuting to DC metro area for work 2 to 3 times a week drive about 40 to 80 miles a day. So, Marylanders have the option to purchase either Geico or any other insurance. Do Marylandes or any citizen update their questioniers for Auto Insurance when they pick up an extra work from home day? Some US citizens do, but most citizens don’t? Why? They are just lazy, forget, or don’t care. Ignorance is not an acceptable answer.

This way, US can reduce the cost on auto insurance. When did US do that? Most US citizens probably have not. This reduction in cost can at least possiblly factor into a lower cost of living

What home mortages? Bank have really low intest rate like under 5%. US should not be expecting a hugh appreciation rate any longer. So, US citizens have to honker down and refianced for the long term for under 5%. How many of US citizens have done the same? I would think not many. These days everyone is qualifed for a home loan. If US is looking at the long term in real estate at least 5 to 7 year. Probably, US paying a PMI for 2 yrs can still rediuce the cost of living in if they have a 6.5 or greater interest rate which would now be less than 5%. It is not pleasant but it functions well in the long term.

Medical Insurace, Have the US citizens shopped around? Some US citizens have moved from Blue Cross and Blue Sheild to Cigna and save at least $200 a month with the same level of coverage. CIgna(SAMBA) plan is a little different. SAMABA requires ordering for 3 to 6 month at a time. Cigna can Nickle and dime US from time to time. But, I don’t get nickle and dimed greater than 2400 dollars cash.

US cost of living has not increased but has decreased when US takes the wise consumer measures. It does take time and work to rearrange US citizens fix assets and debt. But, US can do it today.

Because, I don’t think the most US have been so diligent to the same. Therefore, I think we need to train and encourage the US to be more diligent in managing thier micro-economic circumstances without going into debt. Because, I believe in US as the best citizens that this country/ world has to offer, We need to take care of those who made sacrifices for this nation by writing, blogging, and sharing information on our own time not by giving away any more of our depleted treasury with a senceless inflationary raises.

Sure, US will spend the money if they are given. But, it doesn’t fix the real issue of taking care of those who made scarifices for the nation. Veteran Education, reading, reward actions specific focus to living without debt. Can indemify, aid, and care for all who made sacrifices for this nation.


Lastly, In the state if maryland citizens are entitle to appreal thier tax appraisels. Usually, the state will knock off tens of thousand of dollars for just filing the appeal and showing up with some crapy pictures. US should try that next year too.

Sorry, I just forgot to add that.

R J Parry

I work in at the Pentagon and commute from Fredericksburg, VA every duty day as my position does not allow me to commute. Using the VRE has proved to be the easiers for my schedule and I do get a transportation allowance which does not cover all costs. My auto insurance reflects the true mileage I drive each year for business and pleasure, but i agree most people do not accurately report their information. My wife is very estute when it comes to finding the best price for the coverage we require (protecting our assets).
I just bought my house in Feb 09 and did a good job on a low mortgage rate (5%) and right now it would not make sense to change from a 30 fixed VA loan to a cheaper but more complex mortgage 3/5 yr ARM or interest only… Education is the key to getting the best rates but I do not think people know where to go or which questions to ask… I am very thankful to my agent and banker during my buying process. the state of VA is still taxing me at the original sales price of the home which was $499,990 yet I paid much less as this was someone elses misfourtune (foreclosure).

SInce I am employed by the Govt I have access to many different insurance companies and believe me when I say I am very happy with the carrier I use.

Since the onset of the world wode web we have seen a migration to put ALL information at one’s fingertips… on the computer. But what are US doing if you dont have access to a computer, you are homeless, cannot afford the computer let alone the monthly subscription to a service provider (ISP). How do US get the information? Well we do have the Vet Centers, mostly in larger towns or cities, so US have to get there somehow… US has no vehicle and lives in triangle (problem?) Some of the Service Organizations (DAV, AMVETS, etc) provide free transportation, but you have to call them…

I know many US that are not applying for benefits because the process takes too long, US cannot take time off work for all the appointments (medical and otherwise), or they do not understand the benefits that are available to them.

I think we can agree it is not only about the ZERO adjustment in VA compensation benefits. SO how do we fix the real problems with supporting those who served honorably and those who fight today keeping America secure


If people have 5%, they should never change unless they can get like 3.75% or below APR.

The US should really dislike VA Loans because the have 3.5 percent tax(Funding Fee).
The Fund Fee is a horrible, awful tax on the citizens who have sarcifed the most for thier country.
Who really cares if vets don’t need any money down when using it. It is only because most citizen have not served, that the government gets away with taxing these great heros of our land,


Homeless people need other vets to help them along the way for time to time. But mostly, the homeless need to want to help themselves first. If they want access to a computer, there are plenty at the dump. They don’t need internet service provider. They can connect via an unsecure hot spot like a homeless shelter.