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Leadership Today

My thoughts on leadership… Being a leader is about instilling trust in all those individuals you contact daily. Leadership is not inherent in each of us. We must educate ourself to ensure we are able to adapt to each individual’s need regards of their status within an organization. Show respect to gain respect. Show compassionRead… Read more »

Veteran Benefits 2010

I just found out from a VA rep there is NO INCREASE in VA disability/compensation for this year. How does this happen? Prices going up on everything, we are asked to do more with less, and then the government, we support, FAILS to support the Vets. How can we help stimulate the economy without theRead… Read more »

NSPS Article Q: Is it really dead?

Washington Post October 8, 2009 Pg. 27 Federal Diary Pay-For-Performance Program Gets The Boot By Ed O’Keefe Christmas came early for some federal employees and their unions Wednesday as lawmakers delivered one of the biggest items on their wish list, repealing a controversial pay-for-performance program. The repeal of the National Security Personnel System came asRead… Read more »

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In Civil Service since Sep 1996 currently under NSPS. This career has been awesome!!! Air Force Veteran with 14 years active service, 4 years Air National Guard Lived in both my ancestral homes : Great Britain and Germany