Victoria, Australia steams ahead with Gov 2.0

Govloop members may be interested in what is going on in Victoria. A few times now I’ve mentioned that the situation in Australia is patchy Gov 2.0 wise. That is not to say there is not some great thinking and work going on. There is and our Gov 2.0 Taskforce proves that.
The problem seems to be implementation across the public sector (not surprising). Our State/Territory jurisdictions are closer to the service delivery end than our Federal public service and so tend to be more action oriented. they are also more homogenous as a service. In that context it is not surprising that the VPS is moving forward in a powerful and coordinated way.
What do you think?

Has anyone been keeping an eye on the Victorian Public Sector, Australia? They are steaming ahead of any other Australian State/Territory public sector jurisdiction in terms of a whole of sector approach to Gov 2.0.

One of the latest examples is the VPS’s work on the Visualisation of data the other is their VPS Hub initiative outlined in their Innovation Action Plan
Sure, at the Federal level we have the excellent Gov 2.0 Report, but in terms of action and progress on the ground and sector wide our VPS colleagues stand out.
In my experience (State/Territory/Federal) this is because State/Territory jurisdictions are more at the pointy end of government than the APS.
Maybe we need some good spirited State/Territory/Federal competition to progress?
Steve D
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