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An exclusive interview with Thomas Dungan III, Chief Executive Officer, Management Concepts

There is a wonderful scene in the movie The Natural when Roy Hobbs, the main character played by Robert Redford, carves a baseball bat from a tree split by lightning.

Although Management Concepts CEO Thomas Dungan III is unable to smack homeruns like the fictitious Hobbs, he probably could carve his own bat. He has the love for the game and worked as a carpenter in college.

Today, Dungan leads Management Concepts, the world’s largest provider of professional development and educational training for federal workers and government contractors. I met up with him this month to learn more about his company and several exciting new programs they introduced this year.

Marc Hausman: Your career path is quite different from the executives I have interviewed for this column. Tell us about your time prior to Management Concepts.

Thomas Dungan III: It’s true. Today you rarely come across a professional who has spent a majority of their career in one place. I am one of those guys.

I received a BBA degree from William & Mary, got my CPA, and then joined Arthur Andersen to work in their small business practice. This role gave me a lot of exposure to companies that were similar in size and scope as Management Concepts.

After four years at Arthur Andersen it was time to join the family business. I became President of Management Concepts in 1995, after three years with the company, and have filled that position since.

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