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GovBytes: Local governments ranked on social media engagement

On GovLoop I’ve read plenty of anecdotes about cities getting involved in social media, from a local Department of Transportation that responds to inquiries on Twitter to a local power authority dealing with its namesake being used on social. But what cities are best at social media? A study by the University of Chicago recently took charge of answering this question by releasing a study ranking the top social cities. The top 13 ranking cities were:

1. New York — 93.33 percent
2. Seattle — 93.33 percent
3. Virginia Beach, Va. — 90.43 percent
4. Portland, Ore. — 90 percent
5. San Francisco — 89.36 percent
6. Kansas City, Mo. — 87.23 percent
7. Denver — 86.67 percent
8. Mesa, Ariz. — 85.11 percent
9. Louisville, Ky. — 84.44 percent
10.. Philadelphia — 84.04 percent
11. Long Beach, Calif. — 84.04 percent
12. Sacramento, Calif. — 84.04 percent
13. San Jose, Calif. — 82.98 percent

The Best Social Media Cities – Local Governments Ranked

The Study was conducted by Karen Mossberger, who heads the Public Administration graduate program at the University of Chicago and Yonghong Wu, an associate professor. Addressing why New York and Seattle lead other cities at social media, Mossberger had this to say:

“Seattle has long been an innovator in this area, with programs to address the digital divide online and offline. New York has long used the Web for transparency,”

Does your city rank on the list of the top 10 social cities? What is your local governments level of social media engagement?

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