Volunteer flood mapping for Queensland

The MAPS mapping volunteers have posted an interesting report on their work mapping the Queensland floods:… RCQ created a project that involved volunteers from GISCorps and MAPS. This project produced a number of documents which outlined possible scenarios, hardware and software requirements, etc. The GISCorp volunteers also focused on mapping the capacisty of RCQ Emergency Services in the

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Allen Sheaprd


Thanks for the post about volunteers and NGO’s (non government offices) Often these people have rescources and expertese needed. The GISCorps (http://www.giscorps.org/) is a bit more than a clearing house for talent. They do many good things.

The most moving of which is keeping a list of volunteers post disaster. Why post? People see the waste and disaster less than camp like condtions and then volunteer to go in such numbers there is a * waiting list* to get in. A few years ago they shows the heart and desire to help exceeded the devistaion of Katrina. Sadlly the funds and ability to rebuild has taken soo long.

Would you like to post this in the volunteer group? ( https://www.govloop.com/group/communityserviceandvolunteerism )