Vote for Open Government Places: finalist for the Harvard Management 2.0 Challenge

We’re finalist for the Management 2.0 Challenge with Open Government Places. Vote for us on the Harvard site. Voting is easy! Go to the site, just scroll down towards the bottom of the page, click Rate This, you can join The Mix by using your Facebook account, and rate our project.

About OPG

Open Government Places, in Dutch Deelstoel (‘share chair’) invites civil servants to ‘hack’ the government and share their workplaces. Government offices are invited to reserve a part of their buildings to be made available to colleagues from other public administrative organizations.

There are no costs are involved. It’s simply a question of sharing workplaces, wifi access, and coffee… and you’re in!

Let’s show the world that because of the Internet and Web 2.0, it’s now possible to organize this kind of dynamic and real-time cooperation without requiring funding. We have a world of possibilities ‘at our fingertips’! So, we are now able to invite participants to easily plug in, connect, and share the government forward.

Collaboration worldwide

OGP currently lists more than 400 workplaces in government buildings throughout the Netherlands, and civil servants can now easily book a workplace in a government building on-line, and at no extra expense to the government. Our future goal is to have all government buildings within the Netherlands represented within OGP, as well as to extend our collaboration world-wide. Why not?!

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