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Vote for Open Government Places: finalist for the Harvard Management 2.0 Challenge

We’re finalist for the Management 2.0 Challenge with Open Government Places. Vote for us on the Harvard site. Voting is easy! Go to the site, just scroll down towards the bottom of the page, click Rate This, you can join The Mix by using your Facebook account, and rate our project. About OPG Open GovernmentRead… Read more »

Civil Servants Cut through the Red Tape and Share Government Forward

‘Why not?!’ is the motto of Open Government Places. Open Government Places allows civil servants to cut through the red tape, join forces, and share government forward. This project is called Deelstoel in Dutch (‘share chair’) and invites civil servants to ‘hack’ the government and share their workplaces. Government offices are invited to reserve aRead… Read more »

It’s time for me to get naked

I’m so excited! Only three days left before I quit mail. The last days I’ve been very busy unsubscribe newsletters, answer the last emails and finding smart solutions to productivity. The only thing I have to do is writing down my out-of-mail reply. Your suggestions are welcome! And finally, on New Year’s day it’s timeRead… Read more »

The Open Innovation Festival is not an event, it is a fundamental change in thinking

“Predominantly… because of the internet an enormous shift has taken place in society. Everybody can get to knowledge”. Martijn Aslander speaks about Accessibility to knowledge in the network economy and a new world of work for the government. ”I want to move things. Paper does not move people.” The past five days of Open InnovationRead… Read more »

Join us: Open Innovation Festival 2010 #oif2010

The Open Innovation Festival (OIF) will be held for the third time from 29 November until 3 December 2010. The festival aims to innovate the public domain in order to showcase how governmental organizations, the profit sector and knowledge institutions can cooperate. Furthermore, it aims at showing that by working together we will create aRead… Read more »