Washington Exec Flash Summit on Innovation in Government

I recently received an invitation from WashingtonExec to attend a Flash Summit on Innovation in Government. This event will be held Thursday 21 July at 5pm till 730pm.

Attendance is limited, for more info please send a note to [email protected] and JD Kathuria will get you more info.

But here is a tickler: This event will be a rooftop reception which aims to inspire and recognize innovation in government. It includes a keynote presentation by David L. McClure of GSA (three-time winner of Federal Computer Week’s Top Federal 100 award), and will also include recognition of innovators in attendance, and will include demonstrations of cloud, mobile,web2.0 and cyber security technologies.

This is going to be a great event. Please contact JD for more info at: [email protected]

And while on the subject of JD, if you are in the Washington DC business community I hope you have found the great information resource he has established for us all at http://washingtonexec.com It is a tremendous site.

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