We Need Your Vote – New Conference City!

The Advanced Learning Institute Needs Your Vote!

Help us choose the best city to host our next Social Media for Government –
March 22-25, 2010.

Please choose ONE city from these choices: Phoenix, Dallas or Atlanta.

Which one is the most accessible and has a wider government draw?

Please post your choice on the Social Media for Government group’s wall, or email it to [email protected].

Also looking for speakers to share successful case studies on using social media in government agencies! Contact [email protected] if interested.

Thanks for your help!

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Amanda Blount

I pick Atlanta. Why not? Atlanta is a good place to have a conference. The CDC is there, and so are a number of military bases. You could get someone from the CDC to speak about using Social Media to keep people in our country and all over the world updated on pandemics, plus how the CDC and WHO uses Social Media as a way to track, in real time, where health issues are happening right now!

Look at face book alone, and as a casual reader I can tell you where people have H1N1 or the regular flu, and I am not even a CDC expert. Yep…I think going to Atlanta and having a segment with the CDC would be a very relevent idea.

Kathleen Smith

But as Amanda points out there are alot more potential speakers in Atlanta, so I will be wishy washy and switch to Atlanta.

Natalie Fonseca

I’m biased because I’ve lived in Phoenix but that’s my pick. It’s easily accessible, there are great meeting facilities and the weather is perfect in March. The only caveat, which you may already be aware of, is that mid/late March is peak season there. So it can be a little tougher to get space because other conferences and spring training baseball.