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Weekly Newsletter on Research and Best Practices


1. Modernizing Government: Overview and Next Steps (03/24/2010) – Results of a White House Forum to identify best practices in using technology to streamline
federal operations, improve customer service, and maximize returns on
technology investments.

2. Peopleandparticipation.net – UK portal for people who work in public, private and non-profit sectors, advice, case studies and

opportunities to share experiences.


1. NASA buzzroom (05/14/2010) – Single source for conversations about NASA from around the Web and social media (Twitter, Facebook, videos, etc.).

2. A ‘glass half full’ view of government app contests (06/08/2010) – A look at lessons learned from government apps contests and how they can be


3. Crowdsourcing the oil disaster cleanup (06/08/2010) – The Deepwater Horizon Response website reports that 20,000+ ideas have been submitted for cleaning up the Gulf

Oil spill. How do we get through so many ideas to find the needle in the

4. Government-only virtual world on the way (05/27/2010) – Federal employees and managers will be able to meet, interact, train and learn together in a government-only

online virtual world.

5. The Daily Influence (01/2010) Customizable RSS dashboard that collects hundreds of feeds in a set of tabs.

6. CEO2: Are you a Green leader? (05/28/2010) – Climate game puts you in the role of decision-maker to learn first hand the complex dynamics of climate
protection issues. Good example of using web-based games to engage people and
simulate decision-making

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