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Digital by default proposed for government services (10/14/2010) – UK Report shows digital technologies can be default solution for providing government services. Recommends syndicating information and services to other organizations and making all government transactional services available through UK government portal Directgov. http://download.cabinetoffice.gov.uk/digital/directgov-2010-and-beyond.pdf

Public Sector Digital IQ (11/23/2010) – Asessment and ranking of digital competence of 100 agencies in four areas: site effectiveness , digital marketing, social media, and mobile. puts NASA, White House and Army in top spots.


Content management equals continuous improvement (11/29/2010) – The world of web management is shifting. More and more web teams are realizing that web management is about continuously improving a relatively small number of pages, not administering large quantities of content.

Public Square Goes Mobile (11/25/2010) – A meaningful, digital way to engage the public in solving problems using a technology that nearly everyone now possesses — text messaging. Fast, cheap and easy way to share ideas, connect them together and make them happen.

Ten Must-Have Government Apps (11/19/2010) – Great examples of mobile apps to help you stay connected to your government and get the latest information. From the Department of Energy’s alternative fuel locator to live video streams from the White House, these apps are worth checking out.

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