Weekly Research and Best Practices


1. Government 2.0 and Access to Information in Eight Countries (04/15/2010) The development of proactive data disclosure systems in the U.S., Mexico, U.K., Australia, New Zealand, Finland and India are highlighted.

2. Government 2.0 and Access to Information in Canada (04/15/2010) – Examples of proactive data disclosure systems that are developing or already in place in Canada. http://www2.parl.gc.ca/Content/LOP/ResearchPublications/2010-14-e.htm

3. State of Public Sector Cloud Computing (05/20/2010) – The report details Federal budget guidance issued to foster the adoption of cloud computing. Descriptions of 30 illustrative case studies at the Federal, state and local government level are presented.


1. Public Service Value Chain links happy staff to citizen confidence (04/19/2010) – Do you want to improve your customer satisfaction scores? The best way to improve services may be to increase engagement among your staff.

2. The Art of Cultural Transformation (05/21/2010) – Over the last 5 years the Army has undergone a remarkable cultural transformation. We can all learn a lesson from them.

3. Why Negative Reviews are a ‘Gift’ (05/18/2010) Do you react strategically to negative feedback and reviews? Embracing negative feedback can help you improve customer service and build greater trust in your organization.

4. Scotland ‘Engages for Education’ (05/21/2010) – The Scottish Government launched a new public engagement website to engage the education community about what is working well and building consensus around what needs to change. http://www.engageforeducation.org/

5. Recovery.gov is now on Flickr (05/20/2010) – Show what recovery looks like in your neighborhood. Snap a photo and share it!

6. International City/County Management Association kicks off The Knowledge Network (05/24/2010) – The Knowledge Network is bringing together government professionals, subject matter experts, academics, and others in a content rich, social networking environment to share and discuss leading practices.

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Gary Berg-Cross


As always thank you for these posts. I’m in a group that is working on a “Guide” to Open Gov and your links always provide something for me to consider for inclusion.