Weekly Tip – Minimize Theft at the Gym!

Chances are that many people have made a New Years resolution to hit the gym more often in 2011. The gym is a great place to shed pounds and lessen the stress of your day, but it is also a place where thieves land in order to fulfil their resolution to rip you off. We have run a tip on auto burglary prevention which included information like reminding you not to leave valuables in your car and items in plain sight, but you must also be alert when inside the gym. Use locks and choose a locker in the open when you choose to bring items inside. Leave what you can at home. Try using a lanyard to hang a minimal set of keys and your ID around your neck, forgoing the use of a locker. Use clothing with zippered pockets as an alternative to lessen the chance of items falling out. Bottom line, minimize your exposure to the chance of loss and becoming a victim. Be alert and pay attention.

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