Welcome to Data Science Fridays!

So, it has been a while since I’ve regularly blogged on GovLoop. It has been a busy 2013 as I’ve been concentrating on building up a data science function in my agency. Recently, I have given a couple of talks on big data and data science which have shown me the need to educate the wider government community about data science and analytics.

It is with that purpose that I am launching a weekly series on data science methods and techniques for government folks. Partly because it is true that one learns best when they are teaching a subject and also because I think many GovLoop readers would appreciate easy-to-understand explanations of big data and data science concepts.

Please tell me if you agree and suggest what you would like me to write about in upcoming columns. I hope you are looking forward to Data Science Fridays as much as I will enjoy writing them.

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Love it – I’d be curious to hear a little more about what agencies are doing with data science. Also the synergy or differences with existing Statistics offices (lots of agencies have a bureau of stats).