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GovLoopers may have noticed that today’s number 2 trending topic on Twitter is #welovetheNHS. GovLoopers may also wonder what’s brought this on!

Today saw a series of articles in the UK press about the use of the NHS in the US health care debate.

º America’s right turns its fire on the NHS, from a left-wing newspaper, to;
º ‘I wouldn’t be here if not for the NHS’: Stephen Hawking defends UK’s ‘Orwellian’ healthcare after attack by U.S. politicians, from a right-wing newspaper.

Across the political spectrum Brits annoyed at the attacks have rallied to what most regard as one of our best moments, the 1948 establishment of ‘free at the point of delivery’ health care. That basic concept is proudly defended even by those who have issues with the way the system works.

If you want to join in, support “#welovetheNHS” by adding a twibbon to your twitter profile image!

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