What Are You Doing for National Day of Civic Hacking?

National Day of Civic Hacking is nearly here! The weekend of May 31-June 1, 2014 thousands of people will come together in communities around the world to hack, unconference, join a [freespace], and more.

Code for America wanted to share what we’re up to for the weekend and invite you participate.

Code for America Event Challenges

Code for America has two challenges event organizers and participants can use at their events:

  • U.S. Open Data Census: How open is your city, actually? Give your city it’s open data report card. Review the accessibility and usability of your city’s data with the U.S. Open Data Census.
  • Digital Front Door/Digital Divide Challenge: As of 2014, the main city or county website serves as the digital “front door” to government in most municipalities. Help create a baseline of how well municipal sites across the country are performing that function.

Both challenges are great for people of varying (or no) technical ability to learn more about their local government. Anyone with a laptop and a desire to make their city better can participate.

How to Get Involved

Wondering how you can participate in National Day of Civic Hacking?

  • Join an event near you!
    • With 47 events organized by Code for America Brigades and 119 events planned in 101 cities around the nation, one of the easiest ways to participate in the weekend is to join an event!
    • Don’t see an event near you? Participate in one of the Code for America challenges.
  • In the Bay Area? Join us May 30, 2014 for a reception to kickoff National Day of Civic Hacking. (RSVP)

What are you doing for NDoCH? Let us know @codeforamerica.

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