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Note: This article is also published as a guest blog post on the AFCEA (Armed Forces Communications & Electronics Association) official SignalScape blog. Blake Hall is a man on a mission: to help U.S. military personnel use Web 2.0 technologies to help one another and themselves. Hall’s no stranger to demanding missions. A decorated formerRead… Read more »

Do You Have What it Takes to Change Government and Create Gov 2.0?

As I’ve said many times before, Government 2.0 isn’t about technology, but what that technology enables. When the TSA rolls out an initiative like the IdeaFactory, developing and implementing the technology is the easy part (disclosure: my company has supported the IdeaFactory project). When the GSA implements the Better Buy Project, getting UserVoice up andRead… Read more »

It’s Cloudy in L.A. (#g2s)

Tim O’Reilly brought two folks to the Gov 2.0 Summit stage this morning: Randi Levin, CTO for the city of Los Angeles, CA and Dave Girouard of Google. L.A. is halfway through a migration for their city-wide email system, moving from Novell Groupwise to Google Apps and Randi estimates an eventual savings of $5M overRead… Read more »

The Week of Gov 2.0 – Longing for More

This post originally appeared on my external blog, “Social Media Strategery.” We’ve already had the Summer of Gov, but September 7-11 was the Week of Gov. With the Gov 2.0 Expo Showcase on Tuesday and the Gov 2.0 Summit on Wednesday and Thursday, plus a multitude of happy hours and networking receptions, I was immersedRead… Read more »

Gov 2.0 – making sense of complex data sets in order to use them

Hi, everyone, Before coming to government, I served as a college financial aid director. After moving to DC, I spent eight years surrounded by large financial aid data sets, doing risk analysis and providing decision support based on the myriad records that colleges had submitted to the Department in order to administer aid to theirRead… Read more »

What do Successful Startups Have in Common?

What do successful startups have in common? According to Eric Reiss, it’s not necessarily the great ideas of their founders. Rather, it is their “pivot”, or their ability to change direction in response to feedback on the initial idea. The pivot is a systematic way to keep one foot rooted in what was learned, butRead… Read more »

Case Study on Military Health Care Social Media Portal

I’m listening to Booz Allen Hamilton consultants Grant McLaughlin and Walton Smith discuss social media case studies. One fascinating example is called, a one-stop social media portal where military health care groups, including Tricare, drive into it. America’s Military Health System is a unique partnership of medical educators, medical researchers, and health care providersRead… Read more »

Texts for Africa

The Unicef innovations team came up with an incredible idea to leverage the increased rate of cell phone use in Africa (65% now have access to a cell phone!) to help malnourished children: they built an open source framework for SMS-based systems. In partnership with graduate students at Columbia University’s SIPA school, Unicef designed anRead… Read more »

Low Hanging Data Ripe for Predicting

Alex Pentland of MIT Laboratory is showing us a map of San Francisco that has different colored dots representing people categorized by behavior. The “green dot people” go to place “x” and then typically frequent place “y” and “z” whereas the “blue dot people” and “red dot people” have different behavior patterns. He imagines aRead… Read more »