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What is Facebook good for? Helping to find a missing child: a Fort Hood story with a happy ending

I happen to subscribe to the official Facebook page of Fort Hood (TX) because my husband sometimes teaches there..I am on the East Coast. He had a fantastic experience there, made friends, and learned a lot himself. I check in once in a while to see what “the Great Place” is doing because he was so impressed with the place, and also because it’s part of my job. (I support online content for a federal agency.)

Well, yesterday, a little girl named Desiree went missing in the Fort Hood area…and Facebook was *one* of the places people used to get the word out–including through the official Fort Hood Facebook page.

It was pretty extraordinary to watch this in real time last night–how quickly people mobilized, how much they shared, and how the official Fort Hood Facebook page was used. Meanwhile, hundreds of people apparently searched for her, handed out flyers, used text messaging, spread the word…the whole nine yards.

And Desiree Chapman was found, safe and sound, all in one day.

I encourage you to take a visit to watch the Facebook portion of this in action. The outpouring of support–and the organization–is truly moving.


And note that the news story mentions the use of social media to help.

I know it may feel as if the entire world has joined Planet Facebook, but trust me: they haven’t. And I don’t even think everyone should. Still, if you are trying to talk to people wary of Facebook and what it’s good for…this might be a good place to start.

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