What is the CityLife Mobile App?

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Connecting citizens to their local governments or communities can be tough. This is partly because people now expect to get their day-to-day information in a slick, quick format — from the Internet, and more recently, on their mobile devices. While most cities and towns provide websites to keep citizens informed, the emerging truth is that mobile devices are out-selling and out-innovating PCs. Smart cities will be connecting with their citizens through the same medium that people use to connect everywhere else – the mobile device.

To that end, DotGov, Inc. began the year with a revolutionary vision and an auspicious tweet. The hands went up, the project got underway, and we posted about our goal of creating a mobile app that would offer people easy access to city and county services and information. It’s CityLife, and it’s reinventing the way people connect with their communities and governments.

CityLife for Citizens: Unless you live in an exceptionally forward-thinking city, your local government’s website is probably not your one-stop-shop for community info. Let’s face it — the averagemunicipal website is, well, kind of boring and basic. Most people utilize a conglomeration of sources (local newspapers, GoogleMaps, school publications, Chambers of Commerce) to stay informed and involved. CityLife eliminates the searching and provides the answers you need in a format that’s easy and fun.

  • Customize CityLife to complement your personal lifestyle. Active senior, soccer mom, business professional . . . CityLife helps you fit your niche to your town.
  • Stay in the loop with mobile access to local news and events.
  • Learn about your city’s legal regulations (licenses, business start-up, etc.)
  • Find it fast! Maps of transportation services, local parks, schools, and libraries are at your fingertips wherever you go.

CityLife for Municipalities: Whether you are a small-budget township or a booming metropolis, CityLife provides an ideal tool for reaching out to citizens and improving their quality of life. Plus, we make it easy for you. DotGov does the research and development to continually improve the application, so all you have to do is sit back and reap the benefits.

  • Signing up is fast and free. No big forms to fill out or webinars to attend.
  • Jump on board without fear of too much, too soon. Begin with any aspect of the product that suits your needs. Add data, feeds, and maps relevant to your city as you see fit.
  • Customize by adding local news, events, and more. Make CityLife an experience unique to the citizens of your town.

CityLife for Communities: The word “community” implies a social “togetherness” which is sadly lacking in many cities today. CityLife can help citizens feel connected to one another and to their local governments.

  • Rate and comment on different aspects of your local government. Let your leaders know how they can improve your town, or thank them for what they’re doing right.
  • Enroll in challenges and unlock achievements . . . even win rewards! Staying involved just became a lot more fun.
  • Sharing and interacting with your neighbors on CityLife adds a social media aspect to the app, and helps you feel closer to those people who share your space.

CityLife is open data, social media, and local government – all rolled into your mobile device for quick, easy access anytime. Connecting with your community will never be the same.
The CityLife Public Beta will be officially announced next week at the Manor GovFresh event and the NAGW conference

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