What is the most BORING city in the United States?

There’s always a lot of media attention given to communities where exciting things are happening (Las Vegas, New York, Chicago, etc.)

But you don’t hear much about cities that are incredibly boring. You know, real snoozers. Where it seems like nothing happens and nothing ever changes.

Maybe you live there. Maybe you’ve just driven through it and barely noticed (because it’s so boring).

CityImage is taking nominations for the most boring city in the United States. Be sure to explain why you think the city is boring – and perhaps what the community could do to improve and become a bit more interesting.

Winner gets a $25 Starbucks gift card (of course, there’s probably not a Starbucks in the most boring city, so you’ll have to drive somewhere more exciting).

Here’s your chance to cash in on, well, nothing worth writing home about. Post your nomination here or email me directly. Deadline is July 15, 2011.

Good luck!

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Jeff Ribeira

What’s the population cut off for what’s being considered a city? I only ask because I can think of a lot of cities out west (Idaho, Utah, Nevada) that I’ve been to which are about as boring as they come but they’re all pretty small.

Tom Bullington

We have one (anonymous, via email) vote for Charleston, West Virginia. This individual said he rented a car and tried to find something interesting to do, but failed. Ouch!

Jeff Ribeira

Rexburg, ID; Preston, ID; Twin Falls, ID; Delta, UT; Winnemucca, NV (or basically any NV city along I-80); Wakeeny, KS to name a few… Those are all pretty small though, so it’s somewhat understandable. A couple larger cities in CA which are quite boring are Fresno and Bakersfield. My apologies to anyone from any of these cities- nothing personal 🙂