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Why Starbucks’ Race Together Campaign Should be Careful

Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz has asked employees at his 7,300 stores in the U.S. to voluntarily write #RaceTogether on their coffee cups of their customers as a window to talking about inclusion with his baristas. While he should be commended for his corporate responsibility to initiate conversations with customers on race relations, his approach addressesRead… Read more »

Starbucks’ Sandwich Problem

Last night I tweeted to Starbucks that their breakfast sandwiches looked disgusting. They responded (yay!) to ask me what I was talking about. This. I am a huge Starbucks fan and therefore I would like to give them some practical advice about how to solve their sandwich problem. I looked around the rest of theRead… Read more »

What is the most BORING city in the United States?

There’s always a lot of media attention given to communities where exciting things are happening (Las Vegas, New York, Chicago, etc.) But you don’t hear much about cities that are incredibly boring. You know, real snoozers. Where it seems like nothing happens and nothing ever changes. Maybe you live there. Maybe you’ve just driven throughRead… Read more »